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Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Arbitrary Numbers

I was thinking today about my goals. My first goal is to get below 230. I have not been below 230 in years and always get close but then hit a wall. After I get below that my next goal will be below 200. Then I hope to break 170 because that is the lowest I have ever been as an adult.

My highest weight ever was around 2 year ago at 276 pounds. At that weight I started to freak out. I was getting so close to 300 and I had told myself I would never get to 300 because that is really fat. Now why in the world could I be ok with staying around 250 but 300 was just too much for me? Most people would never let themselves get to 200 much less 250 or 276! I don't know why 300 woke me up but I am glad that it did. It is hard enough needing to lose 100+ pounds so I can not imagine having to lose more than that.

Right now I do not have a scale so I have not weighed since I began this diet. Part of me wants to see the numbers but then part of me is liking just losing the weight and not worrying every week what the number is going to be. I have to go to the doctor's office tomorrow to pick up Jeremiah's prescription for him so I think I am going to weigh while I am there. I know that I have lost weight since I can wear clothes that did not fit me before. I am secretly, well not so secret now, hoping that I have lost around 8 lbs. I think that it will be a boost to me to see in black and white that I have lost pounds.

I have been keeping up my walking and it is getting easier and easier everyday. I can now walk a mile with no problem and in fact find myself going further and further. The only drawback has been adding the extra time needed to walk more. I want to start walking in the mornings again instead of at night. That way I get the exercise done and over with and whatever happens in the day will not interfere with my exercise. It is a work in progress and I am still finding my own groove.

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  1. I think that's great! For me 170 was my wake up call. Isn't it funny how we are okay with ourselves being overweight (ok, obese) but there is a magic number that really hits home with us? I'm horrible about making myself go walk so instead I've been making myself go out and garden. That way I get something tangible out of it too. In January I was miserable when I first started. I was in so much pain for days after I'd go weed the flower beds. Then just yesterday I went out to weed the onions b/c I had let them get out of hand, painted more of the trailer for the Peterbilt, picked up debris in the yard, carried out buckets of water for the veggies, and other stuff I can't remember now. lol. I didn't hurt hardly at all. A couple of ibuprofen and I felt fine. It's all so exciting to me to see and feel the changes. Oh! I was also at my mother-in-law's loading cinder blocks into the car so I can build another veggie bed, and I did all the work myself with no pain and the skirt I was wearing fell off!!! It is one that fit last summer and this was my first time wearing it this year. :-) Okay, I'll stop rambling now. I'm just so excited for you!!! hehe