Total Weight Loss

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Blogging Virgin

This is my first blog and I hope you find it as helpful to you as I am sure it will be to me. I have always found writing to be a release and a way to get my thoughts straight. I also love going back over things I wrote years ago to see how much I have grown and to remember the trials and tribulations I have experienced. So get ready because here we go!

I must start out by saying I have struggled with my weight my entire life. I am now trying to get healthy and want to get to a reasonable weight and stay there. I do not think I will ever be "skinny" but I would be happy with a size 12. Deep down I would like to get down to around an 8 but in reality I know I would be thrilled at even a 12.

At the first of this year I started to exercise and watch what I ate. When I had gone to the doctor back in November he had given me a prescription for Topamax, which is normally for migraines and seizures but is also used off-label for weight loss. I went to the pharmacy to get it filled and found out that even the generic costs $250 a month! There is just no way that I can afford that right now. My mother had said she would help with the cost but that was when we were thinking maybe $100 a month. I didn't go back to the doctor until March 2 and he then told me he has another option for me and prescribed Adipex. I wasn't really sure what Adipex was until I got home and googled it. I found out it is phentermine and is what I had taken back in 1997-1998 when I had lost around 60 pounds. I instantly got excited and really motivated. I feel like I did back then. I am determined to get the weight off and this time no matter what, I am going to make sure that I keep it off.

At the doctor's appointment I weighed in at 254. It has now been 2 weeks but I am not sure what I weigh because I do not have a scale yet. I had one but had given it to my mother and she informed me that it had quit working and she had to throw it out. I do know my clothes are loose and that I have been able to fit into some shirts I bought last August. The shirts were too small when I bought them but I never got around to returning them. I am glad I was lazy and never made it to the store since I now have some new clothes.

In addition to the diet and exercise I must figure out why I have continued to keep this much weight on for so many years. I am hoping that this blog will help me to explore myself and assist in discovering feelings I have pushed deep down somewhere. There has to be a reason I am overweight and I really want to find out what it is.


  1. I'm so proud of you!!! Another friend and I try to challenge each other to write something everyday, no matter how big or small, so if you want I'll check in with you too. I've been slacking lately, but I do make at least one post weekly on my mom blog.

  2. I'm very proud of you too. It's a shame your family cannot be more supportive by not parading bad choices in front of you, but I guess you have to deal with the cards you're dealt. Don't feel bad about being a little rude to serial food pushers. One polite "no" should be sufficient. If it's not, up the ante a bit. Often times, they are trying to justify their own poor choices and someone who is trying to be healthier is a bit intimidating. But you don't need to justify your desire to be healthier. Keep up the good work!