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Saturday, June 19, 2010

My Biker Hubby, Plus Saying Goodbye to Clothes

Not sure if I mentioned it on my blog but I did say something on FB, but my hubby got himself a motorcycle yesterday. He has to go take the motorcycle safety class this weekend to get his license so he has not driven it yet. I am debating on riding along or not. Maybe I will eventually when he gets more experience, and when I am lighter! :)

But I had to come and post some pics that I took yesterday afternoon. I am wearing one of my new dresses from Old Navy and I just love it. I debated getting this one and a random lady in the dressing room area talked me into it. So glad that she did because I do like it a lot.

I also could not resist having hubby take a few pics of me in my size 24 jeans. I was going through the closet and getting rid of everything that is too big. I had been holding onto a lot of clothes and using belts, because otherwise I would have been going naked. But here lately I have been slowly buying up new clothes and now I feel like I have enough stuff to wear without resorting to old, baggy, clothes that are huge on me. (Note to Kelli: I got everything together last night to send to you, finally.) I think that the capris looked much bigger in person. They are especially big in the thigh/leg and butt area. I had to hold them up or they would fall right down. My hubby asked me if I was happy or sad to get rid of all my clothes. I told him that I was both. I am so glad to be in a smaller size but at the same time I had to let go of a lot of clothes that I truly loved. Plus a lot of the clothes I have had for a long time and had some great times and made good memories in them, so yes it can be a little hard to let go. But on the bright side now I have tons of room for new stuff. Bring on the shopping!

I was so very excited last night because it has finally hit me how much weight I have really lost. I am the perfect example of an apple shape and I normally wear my shirts a size or two bigger than my pants size. It normally takes me forever to lose enough weight to even make a dent in how my shirts fit. You know that I had bought some new clothes from Old Navy and was so excited to wear "normal" sizes. Well I had heard that their sizes do run a little big so I was not all that surprised that I could wear their clothes. But yesterday as I was out shopping I realized that I can wear shirts from the "normal" section at pretty much all stores. I am now no longer having to shop in the plus-size section.

In fact I bought some shorts from Wal-mart, just some cheap running around shorts, and I didn't even need the XXL size 20, nope I got to get the XL size 16-18. And I bought a shirt in a size XXL but it is going to be big pretty darn soon. This is just so exciting and so much fun. This is what makes all the hard work so worth it.

If you are not there yet, it will happen. And it can happen almost over night. I swear it was just a couple of weeks ago that many of the clothes I just got rid of, fit me perfectly. Do not give up because you will see the results. It may take weeks, months, or even a couple of years but you will get there. If you give up then you can forget it, you have no hope of getting there. Do not do that to yourself. You deserve to feel this good, we all do. So please keep fighting and just stick with it. I honestly believe that 90%, if not more, of weight loss is mental.

Now go out there and-
Rock it, live it, own it!


  1. Way to go girlie! You're looking fabulous, keep up the great work.
    Don't be afraid to let go of the big clothes that you love, you just have to find smaller clothes that you love just as much. Now that I'm starting to shrink out of my bigger clothes like jeans and fitted shirts, I'm keeping my biggest jeans (23) to use as a reference for later and the rest of the stuff I am donating. I will not even have it in the house as a security blanket in case this doesn't work out for me. This weight loss thing WILL work out, I can't let it NOT work out.

    Much love~

  2. Awesome!!! It's such fun to get new clothes in new sizes. Feels amazing!Now I want to go shopping. Congrats - you are doing amazing!

  3. congrats on your hubbys new ride! letting go of clothes is hard but if you dont you'll always no they are there and that you could gain some weight back. hugs

  4. I agree with you all. I kept my clothes around before and look where that got me, right back in them. This time around they are gone for good.

    I am surprised that I have so much new stuff. I have just been buying an item or two here and there but it adds up quickly. I am now confident that I have enough clothes to get me through the summer. However, as the summer progresses I know more new stuff will have to be bought in even smaller sizes!! Woot! Woot!

    I really am loving this.

  5. Yay!!!! I'm so proud of you. Now you need a bike so you two can ride out to Saint Jo to the Biker Roadhouse and see me on Saturday mornings! :-)

    I'm really excited. For the first time in 5 years I'm under 145. I'm getting so much free produce from people at the farmers market that I'm forcing myself to create meals with them. It's cut our grocery bill in half, my blood sugar isn't crashing all the time, and I'm able to eat so much less. It's amazing.

  6. Awesome job:) I love that dress

  7. Love the pics such great progress!!!

    And the bike is nice as well :P

  8. thanks again for the clothes..iam trying really hard not to give up on it..we have to keep going..i mean we are going to live each day anyway..we might as well make it a healthy the new clothes and your look great..loveya,kelli

  9. Congrats on the new "normal size" clothes!! That's got to be my favorite thing about losing weight. (:

  10. Yay for saying goodbye to old clothes! You are looking divine!