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Friday, April 23, 2010

Hungry Girl - Why I am just now finding this?

I just bought my first Hungry Girl book. I got the 200 under 200 cookbook and I love it. All recipes are under 200 calories and if you follow WW you can go to the book's site to get the points for each mean as well as see pictures of every recipe.

I am already so in love with this book. What I like the most is that a lot of the recipes use stuff that I already have, it just puts ingredients together that I never would have thought of doing on my own.

After reading through many blogs out there I was beginning to wonder what was wrong with me in regards to my unoriginal food choices. Well now I do not have to worry about that anymore. However, if you are someone who does like to use artificial sweetener then this book is not for you. It also uses Fiber One cereal for many of the breading/crusts but luckily I am already a huge Fiber One fan.

I got the book on my Kindle and normally I would never ever get a cookbook on there but since I knew the pictures were on the website anyway I went ahead and got it. I saved almost $4 and got it instantly so I am pleased as punch. I can tell that I am going to end up buying more of her books. I also signed up for her daily newsletter with tips, you can sign up here.

I do not know why I always seem to be one of the last people to hear about something but this was perfect timing since I am now so gung-ho on my new healthier lifestyle.

I also found 2 other good websites. Again if you are following WW here is a good site that allocates points for various food.

This site also gives you calories and points for food at many popular restaurants. Do not be turned off by all of the links, just find the name of the restaurant you want and click and you will be fine.

I am personally not following WW but I still pretty much know if I was what points that I would be allowed and can tell what I should and should not eat. I am still counting my calories and since the point system is very similar I find that those sites listed above help me as well.

Now all I have to do is sit down and figure out what all I want to fix from my new cookbook for next week. Then I get to go out for a fun filled grocery shopping adventure.

Oh, that just reminded me of something. One of the products that Hungry Girl loves are called Vitalicious muffin tops. I had seen these mentioned on a few other blogs but honestly had no idea what they were. You can order them for their website, or you can search for stores in your area that sell them. The closest to me is Krogers. Now they are pretty pricey but the mixes look like a good way to go and might save a little cash. I have not tried any yet and might see if Krogers has some in stock but if not I am going to have to hold off since I have splurged on books this week.

I also bought The Biggest Loser's Calorie Counter book. That one I don't have yet because it is being shipped from Amazon.

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