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Monday, April 19, 2010

So I am going to run...

Yikes, I am going to be a runner. I have been reading other blogs this morning and kept seeing all this talk about C25K. I was wondering what the heck are these people talking about. So, I looked it up and found the Couch to 5K training schedule to begin being a runner. I looked up 5Ks in my home area and there is one on Sat. Aug 28 and I am going to register.

Nobody else, except for my husband, knows that I have secretly wanted to become a runner and I dream of one day running a half-marathon. I think the Biggest Loser is what inspired this in me. I can remember back in school at PE I absolutely hated to run. I used to walk it with my friends and gossip the entire time. When I was in 4th grade I got bronchitis really bad and was then diagnosed with asthma and had an inhaler. When that happened I got a note from the Dr excusing me from running in PE so all I ever did was walk.

I have now been working out for a few months on my Gazelle (an air glider) and I can go 3 miles in 36 mins, well so far that is my best time. I think that running at the park is going to be way different but I am up for the challenge. And I really do think that I can do it, no better yet I know that I can!

If Michael on the Biggest Loser can run non-stop for 5 miles and he is still at way over 350 pounds then I know that being at 237 pounds is no excuse. So today is the day that I start. It is cloudy out but so far isn't raining today so I am going to the park in just a little while for my first run. Jeremiah said he can't believe that I am going to do it in public, run that is. He said he knows how self conscious I am and just did not think I would do it. He is right when he refers to the old me but this is now the new Lisa and I am no longer that girl. I can see a change in myself that takes me by surprise but that I am oh so glad has happened.

Jeremiah did call me from work just a little while ago and said he was sorry for being mean this morning. I did not think he was really being mean, but I do want him to see how much I have really changed and not to keep thinking of me like I was. In the message he said he is so proud of me and to have a great run today. And I just realized that I did need to hear it! I am not going to be ashamed that I need support and encouragement right now.

I will let you know later how the run goes.

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