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Sunday, April 25, 2010

Weekend Update

So far so good this weekend. On Friday I went to the park and had my 3rd run for the week. Jeremiah and his uncle went with me but they walked. I was going to meet them as soon as I was done with my run but then I could not find them. I ended up walking the entire trail again, which is 1.5 miles and even then walked a little more. By the time I found them I was really exhausted and light headed because it was pretty warm out. We came home and I took one of the coldest showers I have ever taken and it felt so good.

This weekend was our weekend to have my step-son, so Friday night we headed to go get him. After that we decided to go out to eat at Jalapeno Tree. I decided I was going to splurge a little because so far I really have not done that at all. I ate some chips and salsa and then ordered the vegetarian quesadillas but added shrimp. The dinner came with 4 quesadillas, rice, beans (I got charro instead of refried), and guacamole and sour cream. I ate 2 of the quesadillas, maybe 2 bites of the rice, a few bites of beans and none of the guacamole or sour cream. Honestly the quesadillas were so good I just didn't want anything else on them. In the end I think I did pretty good. I boxed up the rest of the food and took it home and gave it to Jeremiah's uncle. I had had enough and got my enjoyment out of it.

On Saturday we went over to my parent's house and grilled out. Jeremiah and my step-son had steaks, baked potatoes, and baked beans. The rest of us had fajitas. Jeremiah had had fajitas the night before when we ate out so he didn't want them again. We grilled chicken, another steak, bell peppers, onions, mushrooms and then for a side I grilled squash and zucchini. I made my fajitas on corn tortillas with just a little bit of reduced fat cheese and some green salsa. They were delicious.

After we grilled out my sister and my 2 nephews went with us to the park. The kids had a blast playing. We all ended up going to explore a little in the creek and by then it was starting to get dark so we headed home to roast marshmallows. My parent's have a fire pit and the kids roasted and toasted away. I didn't eat any because at this point my stomach was bothering me and I think it was due to all the eating of non-tv dinners! I feel better today so who knows, maybe I just had a little bug or something.

Today Jeremiah is about to grill out again at his parent's house. He is a grilling fool during the spring/summer. He absolutely loves to grill out and will do so at any chance he gets. He just left for the store and is planning to get some chicken and some fresh ears of corn plus who knows what.on I still have some fresh squash and more zucchini left over that I didn't grill yesterday. I am going to walk around the land here while he grills. There are 20 acres here so I have plenty of room to go out and walk!

Tomorrow is another run day and I will be increasing my run time to 45 seconds of jogging and then 90 seconds walking. After this week I will begin the true C25K with 60 seconds of jogging and 90 seconds of walking. I am going to do two weeks of that and then do two weeks of the C25K week 2 which is 90 seconds of jogging and 2 min of walking. I will go from there onto two weeks of week 3 and two weeks of doing the week 4. I will then do one week of week 5 because the next week I will be on vacation. We are supposed to be going to Corpus Christie so I know I will get some exercise there and hope to do some running on the beach. When I get back it will be two weeks of week 6, one week of week 7, then two weeks of week 8. Next it will be the final week of week 9. The race will be at the end of the next week. Sheesh, it just barely works out.

It feels good to have a plan and have it all worked out. I am going to start running in the mornings as it gets hotter. I am also about to buy a treadmill but as my father-in-law pointed out, the race is on Aug.28 and will be HOT, so I need to still train outside as well so I just use to the heat. I got a new workout outfit, including shorts, a shirt that has dri-weave technology, and even a very much needed sports bra. I still need some new shoes because I have been jogging in my Curves toning sneakers but you really are not supposed to run in them. I haven't had any problems at all but I am just really jogging a little right now and not running the entire time. I am going to invest in some good running shoes soon.

Here's to another awesome week, full of good eating and healthy runs! (Does saying I hope have runs sound too much like saying I hope I get the runs? (LOL, sorry my mind sometimes wanders to the dirty side.)

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