Total Weight Loss

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

LHAS Week 1- Weigh in

All I can say is oh my gosh!!!! I just about had a heart attack when I say my weight for this week. My goal was to get out of the 230's and boy did I ever. I had a 7 pound weight loss!! I went from 232 down to 225. I am already half way done with the 220's. I am too excited for words!!!

This LHAS Challenge has been the absolute best thing for me. I am a competitive person by nature so challenges like this are right up my alley. This has been a real kick in the as@ for me and I love it! I think that increasing my exercise is what gave me such a good lost. Before I was working out for 30mins and was only do that for sure for 3 days, sometimes I would do all 5 days. This week I worked out for a total of 421 minutes. That plus being meticulous on my calorie count is what did it.

Now I only have 26 pounds to go to meet my LHAS goal, which is also my first really big goal for my total weight loss. I will then be in onderland at 199. I can not wait. I can see the scale now!

Now I will post the pictures to prove it. I have to tell you that the scale this time was 1 pound off. It was not half last week and I took a picture proving that it was off a pound. That is why the scale says 226 but it should really be 225 when you take into consideration the scale not being calibrated correctly.

Here is where you can see that the scale is off by one pound.

And here is where you can see my weight. It is really between 225 and 226 but with the scale being off one pound it would really be between 224 and 225, but I went with the whole number of 225.

And here is the picture of me on the scale. I wasn't sure if we had to post the pictures on the scale every week but I want to anyway so you can see for yourself what I see.

Now I just have to keep up the momentum and continue doing what I am doing because obviously it is working. I always knew that exercise was the key for me and this just proves it. Back in 1997 when I went from 247lbs down to 172lbs all I did was walk on the treadmill for 6 minutes after every meal. I added a small amount of weight training but never really got into exercise like I am this time. Just getting active is the key for me to continue losing and then to keep it off. I will always have to exercise no matter what and I now know that so hopefully maintenance will be more manageable this time around. I am thankful that I now get it. Sorry I keep harping on exercise this week but it really does have that big of an impact for me.


  1. WHOA! seven pounds??? great job!! keep it up, you'll be at your goal in no time!!

  2. Holy cow woman! Congrats on the weight loss this week and upping your exercise. You're doing great!

  3. WOW!! CONGRATULATIONS!! 7 pounds is such a great start and motivator! Looking forward to supporting you through this journey!

  4. Awesome! Great, great, great job! Way to be more active. And what a brilliant idea of walking for just 6 minutes after eating! I should totally do that! :) You're going to totally kick some rear end in this challenge! :)

  5. 7 lbs is amazing!! Well done!

    I think you're gonna be in the lead on our LHAS leader board, and deservedly too!

    Keep going, you're doing great.

  6. Thanks everyone! I am still in shock over that loss. I started this journey on March 2 at the doctor's office and weighed in at 254. I did not weigh again until I went back to see him on April 13 and that is when I weighed in at 237.

    The next time that I weighed was for the beginning of this challenge, at 232. And now one week later I am at 225. It is very surreal to me. That is just such a huge loss compared to what I have been losing.

    Exercise is now my best friend, hehe. I am really seeing its benefits.

    We can all do this and I thank each and every one of you for taking the time to come to my blog and support me. Your kind words and encouragement mean the world to me.

    We are going to kill it this summer!!!

  7. Exercise is the key for me too!!!! I am SO excited for you! Congrats, you are this weeks leader in pounds lost. :D Keep rockin' it!!!

  8. WOW! You are amazing and a total inspiration! Congratulations on your hard work totally paying off!!!!

  9. ROCK ON! That's awesome! What a great way to kick off the challenge. Keep it up. Hell ya! :)

  10. Look at you go leaving all of us to eat your dust! And can I just say that is a most awesome scale you are using. Does my nerdiness show to much if I say I would love to have that in my house?

  11. Deb if that makes you a nerd then I am right there with you! I love retro stuff and would have it in my house in a heartbeat too.

    This particular scale is in front of Knight's Furniture store in downtown Sherman, TX. It has been there for as long as I have been alive and then some. I used to get on it as a little girl and anytime my family needed to weigh my Dad would say alright we run by Knight's, lol.

    Since I do not own a scale right now it was my immediate first choice for a scale to use. And when I told my parent's about the challenge my Dad even said "Oh you can go weigh at Knight's!" lol. Before this challenge I was only weighing when I went to check in at the doctor. I just did not want the scale to rule over me like it has done in the past. I am afraid if I get a scale at home then I will be on that darn thing every day. This way I am not focusing so much on just the weight but also on my fitness goals as well.