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Thursday, May 6, 2010

Some Pics, just for fun!

I just thought it would be fun to post some other pics of myself and family. Here is my wonderful husband Jeremiah and me at Christmas 2008.

And here I am with my sister Laura and family's little chihuahua Max. This was Christmas of 2008 I believe.

This is Jeremiah, my step-son Dakota, and me at the bowling alley. Like you couldn't have guessed where we were. This picture was taken in the Fall of 2009.

Here is my husband Jeremiah, my nephew Matthew (at 5 months old), and me. Taken August 2009.

This next picture is of my little sister Lydia (mother to Matthew and Jacob) and me at her college graduation. Also taken August 2009.

And here we have Jeremiah and me taken just this past March at his grandmother Peggy's funeral.

This was just me playing around and asked Jeremiah to take my picture. This was taken the summer of 2009 back when we had our own place in Oklahoma. I was and well always will be into the 80's!!

And this last picture was taken just this Easter 2010 and is my nephews Jacob and Matthew posing in some cool shades along with me having a laugh.

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