Total Weight Loss

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Ready. Set. Go!

Today starts the first challenge that I have ever participated in. I am beginning the LHA Summer Challenge, from May 5 - Aug 25. A big thank you to Christine for getting this challenge together.

I still do not have a scale yet but one of the requirements was to take your picture on a scale today. I went downtown to the scale in front of a furniture store that has been there forever, and took my picture. I was happy to see the scale at 232. Last time that I had weighed I was at 237 so I am down another 5 pounds.

My goal for this challenge is to continue to lose 2 pounds a week, which would be 32 pounds for the entire 16 week challenge. That would put me down to 200! One of my goals all along has been to be below 200 by my birthday, which is Sept. 23. So if all goes as planned I should beat that goal almost a month early.

My fitness goals are to continue on the C25K. I have my first 5K race planned for Aug. 28, so this challenge is just perfect for the training that I need. In addition to my running 3 days a week, I am also going to do my strength training/aerobics and my new pilates dvd's. I am committing to a minimum of at least 60minutes of exercise daily for 5 days a week. I technically give myself the weekends off but so far even on the weekends I have been doing some kind of activity but usually something with the family or a slower walk at the park.

One of the other requirements of the challenge was to post a full body shot. I have been meaning for so long to do just that, so I am happy to finally get some shots posted. And to think these are after I have lost 22 pounds since I began on March 2, 2010. In the past year I had been up to 276 so when you consider that I am down 44 pounds from my highest weight! So here are the pics!

As you can see my little maltese dog, Hamlet, had to get in a few of the pics. I can not wait to see how I change and I oh so look forward to some smaller clothes. Here we go!!!


  1. Fellow Challenger here,

    Well done on the loss so far and good luck with the 5k!!!

  2. Looking forward to seeing your transformation! You'll be in "one"derland in now time!

  3. Hey there!! First of all, congratulations on losing 44 pounds so far!! That's spectacular! And see? Even the puppy dog is supporting you!
    I can't wait to see how we all do over the summer! I'll be checking in with you! :)

  4. Congrats on the weight loss so far. And great goals! Very realistic - you can do it!

  5. Wow! First of all, 22 lbs since March 2?! AWESOME!! I also have a weight-loss goal by my birthday [in July] and its a great motivator!

    Wanted to stop by and say thanks for the nice comment and good luck on LHA!! Can't wait to see your progress! :)

  6. Thanks everyone! It is so cool to all of a sudden get so much support and meet so many wonderful people. This is just what I needed. :)

  7. Hello fellow LHASer!

    Congrats on your progress so far! Terrific accomplishment & I just know you're going to be so pleased when you take those 'after' body shots at the end of the summer!

    Best of luck with the c25k. I tried it but I got put on hold for the winter (no treadmill) & I really, really need to start back up again from the beginning.

    Best wishes!

  8. What a great birthday gift to give yourself!
    I look forward to following your journey!

  9. My doggies are usually in my body pics too. I want you to keep us informed how that Aug. 28th run goes, as the challenge wraps up that week. I can't wait to see your progress! Thanks for participating in LHA! ♥