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Saturday, May 22, 2010

Running and yakking about nothing much

Good Morning my bloggy-licious friends! I am very happy to report that I finally got back to running on Friday morning. I have not ran since the Friday before I had the kidney stone which was 3 weeks ago! Yikes! I thought it had been 2 weeks but I just now realized that it has been 3, wow!

I was worried because I figured I would be so out of the groove that I would be starting back from the very basic. As you may remember, I didn't start the C25K at the 1 min. of running like the program does. I just could not do that yet. Instead I started out with 30 sec. and then W2 I went for 45 seconds. I was hoping I could at least do 45 seconds but had a feeling I would be back down to 30 seconds and I was going to be ok with that. At least I was back out there running again.

Guess what? I was able to run for the full 1 min. just like the C25K starts you with. I honestly could not believe it. I guess my workouts on the elliptical are paying off. Those workouts are not technically running but are very challenging and are getting my butt in shape! Just maybe I will still be able to run the 5K in August.

I had planned on still doing the 5K but thought that I might have to walk the majority of it. More than likely I will still have to do intervals of running/walking to get it completed but I will do MORE running than walking! The only thing I am really worried about is the heat. It is going to be so freakin' hot then. I live in North Texas and yesterday morning I ran at 9am and just about died from the heat and humidity alone.

Before when I did the intervals I ran for a mile and a half. That is how far the trail is at the park. Yesterday I ran for the full mile but I walked the last half a mile. I was a little disappointed in myself because I didn't run as long as usual, but I couldn't be too upset since I was at least running for the full 1 minute at a time.

I was just so hot. My face was beet red and my pulse was going crazy. I checked my heart rate and it was at 220 bpm. Now, normally I do have a high heart rate when I exercise. Generally on the elliptical at home it gets up to 208-212. I just had to slow down and take it easy for the rest of the trail. In hindsight I am glad that I did. I know that I need to listen to my body and not push too hard. I was out there by myself and there was hardly a soul out walking or running at the time so I would have hated for something to happen to me. At one point I thought I was going to pass out. I downed all my water and made it back to my air conditioned car. After that I felt really good again.

I then went to my parent's house and stayed until mid-afternoon. My sister and my 2 nephews live there also, so I visited with the boys. Jacob, he will be 3 years old next month, was hoot. I got to the house and he asked me where in the world I had just been. I told him I had been running and he said "With me?". You see I have taken him with me running before and he know loves it! He even got some new running shoes and has a little tank top and running shorts. I told him no that I went by myself this time. He said "No Sissy, I went with you!" Ok, ok kid whatever you say! It was like he was saying, this is the story and you had better go with it! He is just so funny sometimes, no make that all the time.

Matthew just turned a year old in March and is just is funny as his brother. I do not have any kids of my own and these two are MY babies! My sister just got them a new puppy. His name is Scamp and is a little cocker spaniel. He is just too darn cute. But Matthew is afraid of him because Scamp is play biting right now. And on top of that, Scamp just loves Matthew to death and is constantly trying to give him kisses. At one point I did get Matthew laughing at the puppy and got him to pet him some. It will just take some time for him to adjust. Matthew has no problem at all with my little maltese dog so I know it is just a matter of time.

Last night Jeremiah and I went to go pick up my step-son Dakota. We had a pretty low key night. It was my father-in-laws birthday so we had to go stop and get him a small gift and card. He loves to play foosball, even has a foosball table set up in the living room. Well we knew he was really wanting some new foosballs. They tried buying some not long ago but they ended up being too small. My MIL was going to look at buying some online. We stopped off at Academy but they did not have any.

Now Academy did have a treadmill, a weight bench, an exercise bike, pedometer, the Firm workout collection on DVD w/accessories, plus a ton of other things I would love to have. But no foosballs to be found. We were racking our brains of other stores to check. We would have gone to Second Hand Sports, a used equipment store that always has everything, but they were already closed. We had to settle for trying Sears. We lucked out and they had some tournament foosballs. My FIL loved them and immediately had to go test them out. They worked perfect and this time were big enough for the table.

After that Jeremiah, Dakota, and Uncle Brett went to the kitchen table to have a marathon of Magic the Gathering. I played once but sucked and do not care to ever play again. What is Magic you ask? It some kind of card game. Kind of like Dungeons and Dragons, I am guessing. Or more like the card games that got popular here lately, Pokemon, Yugioh, and stuff like that. I now it is not exactly like that, but for my description they are similar.

They play that game every weekend that Dakota comes. At least they have for the past 3 visits or so. New cards have been purchased, Uncle Brett has his friend come up from Dallas to play, and last visit they had some other guy come join in too. It suits me just fine. I get some time to myself and do not have to entertain anyone.

I watched an episode of Dateline about a cheating couple. This woman had an affair with her husband's best friend (who was also married) and the guy ends up killing her husband. She claims that she did not know that was what he was going to do. To top it off her husband was a deacon or something in the church and planning to become a pastor. The guy she had the affair with was the youth pastor. It was all messed up and crazy.

While I watched the show I did my strength training. I am really feeling it in my arms and abs this morning. It feels so good. I just love being able to tell I got a good workout in. I am not too sore, just can feel that the muscles are working.

Sunday is the 5K that Tony has challenged. Both Jeremiah and Dakota are planning to do it with me. We are not participating in any official 5K. We are just doing this one on our own. I plan to mainly walk this one. It will still be fun and a treat to get Jeremiah and Dakota out there as well.

Have a great Saturday.

Rock it, live it, own it!


  1. LOL - I have been called many things in my days but never bloggy-licious. Congrats on getting back to your running ways. Hey now, a foosball table set up in the living room - I am jealous. How many calories does foos'ing burn? If it burns many, I am getting a table in my living room too! Go gett'em on the 5k, take care.

  2. I know what you mean about the feeling of starting over. I had been off of p90x for a while and thought I would have to start overagain at the very basic. Amazing how your body "remembers" and you quickly bounce back! Keep it up!

  3. wooohooo you go girl! You're running an unofficial 5k on Sunday? I'm very excited to read how that goes! You can do it :) p.s. Your nephews sound so cute, post photos!

  4. WTG!!! It always feels so good to get back into something. Good luck with your 5k. :)

  5. You will for sure be able to do the 5K in August! With your fantastic weight losses, and your exercise, you're well on your way there. Keep it up! Positive thoughts all the way!

  6. Well done on the running!!!

    I actually ran 2mins on the tread the other day at the end of my 20mins I just wanted to see how long I could run for.

    And I know the game magic you speak of I played that game many years ago now. Was fun at the time.

    I wish you well on the 5k!!

  7. You are so inspirational! I remember my first attempt at the C25K. I didn't make it. I was so embarrassed that I couldn't even run fo a minute. I've been working out much harder on the elliptical and I think this post has given me the hope to try again.

    Thank you!